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Questions - Answers on working with the site (FAQ)

We are in social networks (VK, FB, OK, ...)


None of the social networks site "Nadezhda" has its own pages!

That is, the site "Nadezhda" is not presented either in classmates, or on Facebook, or on Instagram, and there is no VKontakte either.

There are no us in the groups of Viber, Telegram, Wattsap, etc.

There are FRAUDERS! There are thieves stealing someone else's.

Be careful!

The administration of the site "Nadezhda" has nothing to do with the materials presented there, as if from our site.


They use the name of the site «Hope», quotes from the pages of the site for their criminal purposes.

Be careful!

How to register on the site ?

There is no registration on the site! - This is a requirement of the initiator of the creation of this resource.
Therefore, there are no accounts, accounts, no profiles, ... there are no profiles on the site!
And no advertising either !

How do I publish my letter?

-- In the upper right corner, click on the "sandwich " menu and select "Write a letter "
- Get acquainted with the conditions, recommendations, ... To do this, click on the line with the desired title
- In the form below, fill in the fields:
- - be sure to include your Holy Name
- - only if you want your letter to be found by region, select the appropriate one from the drop-down list
- - be sure to indicate your E-mail (your mailbox address) to contact you, OR (if you wish) your phone number (we do not recommend)
- - be sure to enter the text of your letter (no more than 3000 characters)
- - necessarily - from whom: from a man, or from a woman, or in search of Orthodox friends
- - be sure to confirm that you want to get acquainted with the only ultimate goal: to create an Orthodox family, or, accordingly, to find Orthodox friends
- Check if the entered information is correct
- Click on the "Publish this letter " button to see how your letter will look - it has not been published yet, this is just a preview
- Check if your letter looks the way you expected?
- - if you want to make changes - click on the "Edit " button
- - if everything is correct - click on the "Publish " button
-- If there were no reservations or prohibitions, a letter will be sent to your e-mail to confirm the publication.
-- You open a letter from the "Hope" website in your mailbox and press the appropriate button. There are three of them: I confirm, I refuse, Complaint (I didn't write
-- When you click Confirmation - your letter appears on the site
-- A window of the "Nadia" site with your letter opens, and a master list is sent to your e-mail, with which you can delete your post from site "Nadia" when the need arises.

The identifier of the letter. What is it? How easy is it to get?

The letter ID is the title of the section and the full date of the letter`s publication. So that it can be easily found unambiguously. For example: Letters from men , 21-06-2012 19:36:52.
-- How easy is it to get? Just click on the date and its identifier will be copied to the clipboard of your device. Then you can paste it in the right place (in a letter to the admin, for example).

Why we do not recommend to indicate your Email in the body of the letter?

Your Email in the body of the letter will be available in an unprotected form for "robots " collecting addresses for spam mailings all over the Internet. The Email you specified in the field provided for this will be protected from such robots in several ways. Not absolute protection, but still...

How to attach your photo to an email?

Send your photo to the site administrator to the address: hope07@ukr.net from your email address specified in the letter to which you want to attach this photo. Do not forget to include the letter ID ( author, category and full date of the letter publication ). For example: Anton, letters from men, 21-06-2012 19:36:52

How do I make changes to a published letter? How can I replace it with something else?

Write a letter to the site administrator at the address: hope07@ukr.net from your Email (e-mail box) specified in the letter you published.
Specify the letter ID (author, section and full publication date).
For example: Anton, letters from men, 21-06-2012 19:36:52
We are more comfortable if you send a complete new version of the letter ...

How to attach a photo to your email?

We can attach one photo to your already published letter.
For this:
Send your photo to the site administrator to the address: hope07@ukr.net with Your Email (e-mail mailbox) specified in the published letter.
Required! Indicate the author, category and publication date .
For example: Anton, letters from men, 21-06-2012 19:36:52

How do I delete my letter?

1-st method). After confirming the publication of the letter from your mailbox, a master letter will be sent to your mailbox, with the help of which you can independently delete your letter from the "Hope" website.
2-th method). From your email address specified in the letter that you want to delete, write to the site administrator at the address: hope07@ukr.net, be sure to indicate the letter ID (section and full publication date) of the letter to be deleted.
For example: Delete letter 27-05-2012 19:36:52, letters from women
The reason why you want to delete your message is optional.

Why is it necessary to send requests for changes to the site administrator from your e-mail box specified in the published letter?

This is the only way to confirm that the author of the letter is contacting us, and not the ill-wisher.

How to copy an address from a letter?

To copy the desired address to the clipboard, the usual Ctrl-C will not work, since the site uses technologies to make it difficult for spam robots to collect email addresses of our authors.
To copy the desired address to the clipboard, just click according to it, if it is in the header of the letter.

Is it possible to recover your deleted message?

No. Your messages, at your request, are permanently deleted and we cannot restore them.

Bann. What to do if you are banned?

A ban is a method used by the administration to ban you from writing anything on the site.

The administration of "Nadiya" is forced and careful to use this technique to protect the site from violators of the Rules of the site and scammers.

Ban on "Nadiya" has its own features, as it is not registered on the site as such. Therefore, there are annoying misunderstandings: the user did not do anything forbidden, and found himself in the bath. This is how we apologize.

What to do?

If you believe that you have not violated the Rules of the Site - We apologize: You have suffered for the "actions" of others.
Send the text of your letter that you want to place on "Nadiya" to the address of the administration - we will publish it, usually within a day or two.
Don't forget to specify: what name to sign the letter and in which section to mark it.

If the violation was minor (for example, they tried to publish their letters more than once a week, ...), the ban will be lifted within a month.