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25 June 2024 y.
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26 June 2024 y.

History of the development of the project

2024-06-08 17:12:27

In the Guest book (feedback), data filling checks have been added

2024-06-06 22:40:33

From now on, publication of letters is possible only after confirmation from the declared e-mail.

2024-05-24 19:31:45

Sending letters to the contributor about deleting his post and publishing it has worked. In the publication letter, a button has been created for the contributor to delete his own letter. Implemented auto-delete mechanism.

2024-05-22 14:17:35

The website provides the possibility to confirm the author's own e-mail.

2023-11-17 19:42:31

Today, November 17, 2023, on International Students' Day and Student's Day in Ukraine, the "Hope" website turned 17 years old.

2023-09-09 23:16:42

The site "Nadia" has moved to a new hosting.

2021-10-16 18:05:12

A daily psalm article from the Psalter of Ephraim Sirin is added to the Orthodox calendar along with a quote from Theophanes the Hermit.

2021-10-14 02:10:56

The Orthodox calendar and the Icon of the day are working again on the website

2021-09-09 18:13:33

Added advanced site search. Launched by clicking on the magnifying glass in the header of the site. In addition to the filter by region, the search works:

- by date

- by E-mail

- by phone

- by name

- according to the word in the letter

2021-09-07 12:16:37

Finally, a new version of the site, adapted to mobile devices, has been launched. The design and functionality of the site have been slightly changed. To prevent the appearance of letters "to the village of grandfather" (without contacts), an obligation has been introduced: either E-mail or phone number. Added functionality for copying to the E-mail buffer and message identifier (full date, heading).

2010-07-27 22:40:50

Forum is work

2009-05-13 23:49:18

At the request of visitors of a site, the opportunity of selection of messages on areas of residing is added. Now authors of messages can specify area (city) of residing in a separate field, At viewing letters - it is possible to apply selection on necessary area (city),

2009-01-12 00:21:41

The eleventh of January, 2009 we have changed the address of a site on

2008-12-04 00:21:41

On a site technologies for the technologies for technologies for technology for technologies for technologies for
To the users for copying the necessary address is recommended to use " Copying of a label " in Popmenu (is caused by the right button of the mouse - to the address). Further - is indicated where to copy, " Popmenu ", "To insert".

2008-12-04 00:21:41

For acceleration of loading of pages of a site, the letters are published after the periods, since current (autumn, summer, spring, winter), stayed for the current year, previous year.
At starting loading of page loading the current period. Select the viewing others is possible at the end of page.

2007-09-05 11:26:58

Has passed imposition of a site for elimination of distortions in different browsers

2007-09-05 11:26:58

The icon of day represents holiday an icon on everyone " today's and tomorrow's day ".

2007-09-05 11:26:58

On-line is set translator. As for us frequent guests from different countries, periodically reports appear in English, for comfort of visitors was set on the pages of site form on-line of translator.

2007-09-05 08:37:11

We have risen in the Ukrainian segment of a rating on the third place!

2007-08-01 11:53:42

Now on the main page - the information on a site, and also the Citation prelate Feofan the Hermit on every day.
Letters open in new windows.
The site is registered in and Rated by Internet: and

2006-11-24 08:47:40

I welcome you on the Ukrainian orthodox site of acquaintances.
All basic functions of a site (the publication and viewing of letters) work.
Does not work while a forum that will be in the near future. You can freely place your letters - announcements through the menu " To write the letter ", to leave responses and wishes in " the Guest book ".

2006-11-17 12:58:37

Birthday of a site - on November, 17, 2006, in the international day of students.