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Today - Tuesday
21 May 2024 y.
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22 May 2024 y.


We bring to your attention links to useful, in our opinion, materials for modern man

Athos elders about the war in Ukraine. About the causes of the war and who is to blame for the war.

Elders (interview with several) talk about Russia's war with Ukraine, the causes and culprits
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Elder Ephraim. Athos, Katunaki, 2022

The elder speaks about his attitude to what is happening now in the Ukrainian land. At the end of the video - a fragment of the liturgy, which was served on October 19, 2022 in Katunaki on Mount Athos.
Watch an interview with Pope Ephraim

The Third World War is already underway 10/21/2023 - Christianity and Peace

Israel's war with Hamas is not just a local ethnic conflict. This is a war of two world ideas, two world religions, which has been going on for a very long time. Many people think so. That it will begin the Third World War, or Armageddon - a war between the forces of good and evil. In this video, the authors share with you their views on this war, its causes and problems (conclusions in the last part of the video)
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Russian monk, father Andronik, laboring on Mount Athos, Katunaki.

A brief REVIEW of publications about the present in Russia, about mobilization.
Highly recommended! - Read

Russian monk, father Andronik, laboring on Mount Athos, Katunaki.

On the Closing of the Lavra and the Christian's Attitude to Persecution. Highly recommended!
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Opening of the XXXII Christmas readings on January 24, 2024, GKD, Moscow

This is no longer a retreat from Christianity, but real demonism!!!

The song performed at these, with permission to say, "Christmas readings" - an ode to death and murder :(
By the way: Vanyushkin's song was named "333" not by chance. 333 is an artillery team. 300 means ready to fire; 30 - tension of the trigger cord; on account 3 - fire

- A brief overview of the "Christmas Readings" on the telegram channel "Joy of Life Archdeacon Andriy Palchuk" Watch the original source
- The same short review on the telegram channel of Father Andronikos Watch on this alternative channel
- So as not to say that this is all made up: here is this song.
- Full, entire 2.5-hour recording of ALL this ... action on the "tvsoyuz" YouTube channel: See the entire record