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08 December 2021 y.
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The World to you, dear brothers and sisters!

Nadezhda - Ukrainian Orthodox dating site is glad to welcome you!

You can self-publish your message. No questionnaire !!! Your letter. We hope that this letter will be a Christian who seeks companion in life. Be sure to include how to contact you: better your E-mal (electronic address of your mailbox)

Of course, anyone can read the letters of others in the hope of finding a soul mate.

Registration on the site is not. It was a requirement of the initiator of the creation of this resource. She was tired from the registrations, the abundance of secular and alien to the Christian, the information on the websites ... even orthodox acquaintances, not to mention the others.

The site «Hope» is a message board , the order in which we have a duty to attend. You have a chance to meet c to those whom you are looking for, so svyazavshist whose letter of interest to you.
Once again - just a chance !!! For I do not know, that Bless the Lord for him. And again the Lord God allowed Internet dwellers existed, Cchitaetsya as Orthodox, and those who consider themselves Orthodox, have the right to use this chance.

Terms of use - are very simple:
- To behave as a Christian, as a Christian.
- you do publish your letter.
- Photo: Only if you wish to attach a photo to an already published a letter - please send us a photo with your mailbox, said in a letter, specifying the date of publication, and division.
- The letters are highly do not recommend to publish your phone number , if you value your peace of mind. Announced to the number of your phone - it is a very bad decision! Phone - it's personal. Your personal life! Yes. It seems convenient. It seems a lot easier, faster. But what's the hurry, in such an important matter ??? Many, then repent. Ask urgently remove the letter, №№ phones.
- We recommend to publish to contact you your E-mail in the box.
- We recommend to sign letters - his Holy name.
- Think, if you insult someone in his letter?
- And more. If you do not share the Christian values, think, can you not here? If you want to get acquainted with a Christian (a Christian), at least, respect the "strange monastery" and its rules.

In the "Hope" website FORBIDDEN :
- To place advertising links to other sites, unintelligible, ambiguous, ambiguous abbreviations, discussion or condemnation, swearing in his letters.
- Post your private messages: the site is no "wall".
- Display the anonymous letters and emails without indicating how to contact you.
- Specify as a way to communicate with you other sites: VC, DC, FB, ... (only because they do not all have to be registered to them)
- To arrange a conversation on the site.

For a discussion - a forum, please.

Of course, the for the content of messages corresponds to the author and only the author, and not the administration of the site.
Must call for vigilance !!!
As with any acquaintance, you should be careful !!! Even the Orthodox site! Unfortunately...
It is strongly recommend that you read the reviews, the experience of other Orthodox on the site forum "Hope". Especially those who are just starting their online dating.

We reserve the right to delete inappropriate in relation to the letter Christianity. As well as advertising, letters, without addresses, signatures and cryptic abbreviations, correspondence or statements with respect to the other.

We have for several years, and we are constantly engaged in first place in the ranking of Orthodox Christianity . The site of the first lines of the results of the search engines (eg:   1   ,   2   ). And we will endeavor to as many people as possible in the future to learn about this site and there was no advertising on it, so bored and distracting.

For any feedback, requests for registration, the organization of the site, please leave it in the guest book, if schitate that they are interesting to others. Otherwise - here:

Notes, comments, questions please send to the address: hope07@ukr.net

With hope that cmozhem help you, administration site

Святитель Феофан Затворник. Мысли на каждый день года

(1 Тим. 5, 22-6, 11; Лк. 18, 15-17, 26-30). "Кто не примет Царствия Божия, как дитя, тот не войдет в него". Как же это принимать, как дитя? А вот как: в простоте, полным сердцем, без раздумываний. Рассудочный анализ неприложим в области веры. Он может иметь место только в преддверии ее. Как анатом все тело разлагает о подробности, а жизни не видит, так и рассудок - сколько ни рассуждает, силы веры не постигает. Вера сама дает созерцания, которые в целом представляют веру, всецело удовлетворяющею всем потребностям естества нашего, и обязуют сознание, совесть, сердце принять веру. Они и принимают, и приняв, не хотят уже отстать от нее. Тут происходит то же, что с вкусившим приятной и здоровой пищи. Вкусив однажды, он знает, что она пригодна и принимает ее в ряд питающих его веществ. Химия, ни прежде, ни после, не помощница ему в этом убеждении. Убеждение его основано на личном опыте, непосредственно. Так и верующий знает истинность веры непосредственно. Сама вера вселяет в нем непоколебимое убеждение, что она вера. Как же после того вера будет верою разумною? В том и разумность веры, чтоб непосредственно знать, что она вера. Рассудок только портит дело, охлаждая веру и ослабляя жизнь по вере, а главное кичит, и отгоняет благодать Божию: зло в христианстве первой важности.